The Unit for Nanofabrication was established in 2007 and is headed by Dr. Shimon Eliav.
It includes 300 m2 of clean room facility equipped with state-of-the-art tools and expert technical staff members for preparing nanoscale structures and devices which enable the connection of
nanoscopic objects to the macroscopic world. A special focus is given to processing of inorganic and organic nanomaterials including biomolecules. 
We combine two complementary approaches utilized for nanofabrication:
the “Bottom-Up” approach that is inherent to nano-chemistry and the “Top-Down” approach commonly applied in modern microelectronics efforts to shrink down device dimensions. 

Our instruments and facilities include: 

  • Lithography tools (optical and electron beam)
  • Metal deposition instruments (by sputtering and evaporation)
  • Etching facilities (wet and reactive ion etching, ion beam etching)
  • Electroplating instrument
  • Chemical vapor deposition facilities (plasma enhanced and low pressure CVDs)
  • Glove box (equipped with spin coater, vacuum oven, evaporator, etc.)
  • Packaging tools (dicing and wire bonding)
  • Characterization tools (profiler, microscopes, thickness measuring instrument, probe station, etc.)
  • Start ups and industrial companies are welcome to use our services
  • We are the only clean room infrastructure provider available for external use in the Jerusalem area.