Optical Profilometer

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Optical profilometer 2

Manufacturer and model:

Optical Profilometer Countour GT-K1, Bruker

General Information:

Surface Topography on Nanometer Scale

Key Features:

  • Resolution on Z scale: 1nm
  • Z scan Range: up to 10mm 
  • Installed Objectives: x5, x10, x20 and x50
  • Additional Optical Magnification: x0.5, x1 and x2
  • 150mm Motorized Stage
  • Three illumination Sources: White, Green and Short Green
  • Automation, Filters, Data management


Measurement of complex topographies on different samples ranging from standard wafers and chips to rocks, teeth, plants, fruits, moving parts, etc


Any surface that is reflective enough to the used illumination wavelength

Manufacturer Website

Start of Operation Date:

June 2011