Mask Aligner MA6

Manufacturer and model: Suss MA06
Top/ bottom side / infrared alignment
Accurate and precise gap setting for higher yield
High-quality, diffraction reduction exposure optics for high resolution
Optimum edge quality with thick resist
Reliable sub-micron printing
Processing of fragile wafers and pieces
High intensity light sources reduce process time
High accuracy fixture and fixtureless bond alignment option
Aligned cold embossing option for full wafer printing of geometries in nanometer range
Near Field Holography option for one and two dimensional optical gratings
For wafers from 2"-150mm (substrates from 2"x2" to 6"x6")
Pieces down to a few millimeters
Top Side Alignment
The MA6 is equipped with a motorized Topside Alignment System providing a high precision alignment accuracy of ± 0.5 µm.
Bottom Side Alignment
Especially MEMS applications often need precise top and bottom side alignment. The MA6 can be equipped with bright-field bottom side microscopes, capable of achieving 1 µm alignment accuracy. The BSA microscope with Single and Splitfield features uses high resolution CCD cameras. The patented image storage and real-time viewing makes alignment more precise and faster than crosshair alignment.
Infrared Alignment
The MA6 can be equipped with an infrared transmitted and/or incident illumination, a practical alignment option where infrared transmission can be used.
Enhanced Image Storage System (EISS)
This PC based system satisfies highest alignment demands. Some of the features offered are SVGA resolutions; electronic brightness and contrast adjustment, contrast enhancement, adjustment of brightness ratio between stored and live image, etc.
Full Field Exposure
The UV exposure optics of the MA6 offers full field exposure, which means it is capable of exposing the whole wafer in a single shot. The optical setup is optimized for steep wall slopes and high resolution.
Diffraction Reducing Exposure Optics
Diffraction effects at the mask feature edges usually limit the achievable resolution. As the only supplier worldwide SUSS offers a diffraction reducing exposure system, which performs simultaneous exposure with a discrete number of illumination angles that smoothen the printed features. A technology that causes significant improvement of resolution and yield steep walls.
Exposure Modes
The MA6 handles both proximity and (soft, hard, vacuum) contact printing, allowing for a resolution of 2.5 µm in proximity mode and sub-micron in vacuum contact mode. Depending on the optical wavelength.
Wafer Leveling
Accurate leveling of mask and wafer is essential for optimum CD-control. The leveling and gap calibration system of the MA6 is designed to satisfy highest demands regarding accuracy and reliability.