Hall Effect Measurement System

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Hall Effect

Manufacturer and model:

Hall Effect Measurement System LakeShore 8400 Series

General Information:

Characterization system to measure density of carriers, mobility, resistivity and type of semiconductor

Key Features:

  • DC Magnetic Fields up to 1.7 T
  • measurement at room temperature
  • measurement at liquid Nitrogen temperature
  • measurement of high resistivity samples
  • Programable measurement versus Field, Time and Temperature
  • Room temp measurement on dark or under illumination
  • samples up to 10mm x 10mm


Characterization of standart semiconductors such as Si, GaAs, InP, Ge and also more exotic materials like complex alloys, photo-voltaics, metals


Si, GaAs, InP, Metals, Alloys, PV

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Start of Operation Date:

January 2017