Elionix E-Beam Lithography System

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Manufacturer and model:

Elionix E-Beam Lithography System, Elionix, Japan ELS-G100

General Information:

High resolution, high speed e-beam lithography down to nanometers

Key Features:

  • Acceleration Voltage = 100kV, Beam Current from 20pA to 100nA
  • Sample Size:  up to 200mm diameter
  • 100MHz Pattern Generation
  • Ultra High Beam Position Accuracy - 20bit DAC + Laser Interferometric Stage
  • Sample Pre-Alignment Station
  • Automatic Load-Lock 


Ultra Fine Lithography down to Nanometer Scale


Si, GaAs, InP, SiO2, Al2O3, Metallic Layers, etc

Manufacturer Website

Start of Operation Date:

December 2018