Angstrom Quantum Series Evaporator

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Angstrom 2

Manufacturer and model:

Angstrom Quantum Series Evaporator Custom Made Quantum Series  Angstrom Engineering 

General Information:

Deposition of high quality non magnetic layers

Key Features:

  • Two chambers configuration
  • Bottom Chamber for the deposition materials (e-beam source)
  • Top Chamber for samples and processing
  • Chamber separated by Gate Valve
  • Bottom Chamber base pressure = 3 x 10-9 Torr
  • Top Chamber base pressure = 5 x 10-8 Torr
  • Sample Size up to 100mm diameter
  • Sample cooling down to -5°C
  • Sample continuous rotation up to 40 rpm
  • ± 95° Sample Tilt Capability
  • ± 0.06° Tilt Repeatability
  • Static and Dynamic Oxidation
  • Ion Beam Source for sample surface cleaning
  • High Deposition Rate up to 20Å/sec


  • Fabrication of Josephson Junctions 
  • Deposition of High Quality Aluminum layers


Titanium (Ti), Aluminum (Al)

Manufacturer Website

Start of Operation Date:

October 2019