Aligner Wafer Bonder System

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Manufacturer and model:

Aligner Wafer Bonder System AML AWB04 

General Information:

Bonding of wafers using thermocompression and anodic bonding methods

Key Features:

  • Unique in-situ alignment capabilities
  • Wafers from 3" to 6" and also small pieces
  • 1 to 5µm alignment accuracy
  • Application of High Voltage up to 2.5kV
  • Platen Temperatures up to 560°C
  • Compression Forces up to 40,000N
  • Operation under vacuum down to 2x10-6 mBar
  • Bonding under reactive gases like N2/H2 mixture


  • Bonding of wafers of same material
  • Bonding of wafers made of different materials
  • Bonding of samples using micrometer alignment


Si, SiO2, Si covered with metals, others

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Start of Operation Date:

December 2020