Prof. Simon Benita

Simon Benita
School of Pharmacy, Institute for Drug Research

Brief Summary of research: 

Polymeric Nanocarriers for Drug Targeting and Improved Drug Delivery.

Specific research topics related to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:

  • Enhanced percutaneous permeation of poorly permeating drugs by means of lipid and polymeric nanocarriers
  • Targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs to specific cancerous cells using nanoparticles conjugated to monoclonal antibodies for decreased toxicity, enhanced drug-cell penetration and performance.
  • Various formulations of natural and synthetic cannabinoids  are being investigated in original self-nanoemulsifying formulations , nanoparticles , nanocapsules ,  some of them embedded in Microparticles for improved oral bioavailability of these poorly absorbed compounds.
  • Oxaliplatin palmitate acetate, a novel Pt(IV) chemical entity,  derived from Oxaliplatin  is more lipophilic than OXA  and exhibits a quick clearance rate  from the blood circulation.  Its  systemic prolonged exposure  needs to be  investigated using   nano-delivery systems  to reach better efficacy and safety profile . 
  • Design of Nanoemulsions and Nanoparticles for improved  ocular drug delivery.