Raed Abu-Reziq

Prof. Raed Abu-Reziq

Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Area of Specialization: HR TEM F20, E-SEM, HR-SEM, XHR-SEM, STA

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Aharon Agranat

Prof. Aharon Agranat

Director of the Brojde Center for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science
The N. Jaller Professor of Applied Science

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Andrea Alu

Prof. Andrea Alu

CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

For his seminal contributions to nano-optics, nano-photonics, plasmonics and photonics. Including the dicsovery of giant non-reciprocity, non-linear phenomena, and enhaced light-matter interactions using nanostructured materials, metasurfaces and metamaterials.

Nir BAr- Gill

Prof. Nir Bar-Gill

Department of Applied Physics, The Racah Institute of Physics, Faculty of science
Bergman Build., room 214

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Chezy Barenholz

Prof. Chezy Barenholz

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Faculty of Medicine

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Development of Liposomes based nano-drugs and lipid biophysics.