Prof. Renata Reisfeld

renata reisfeld
Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Alberman Build., room 65

Brief Summary of research: 

Novel Materials for Solar Energy, Lasers and Sensors Applying Nanotechnology - Professor Reisfeld research group interest is concentrated on theoretical and practical development of luminescent solar concentrators which will allow decrease of price of photovoltaic electricity. The work is based on long time research in spectroscopy of lanthanides and organic dyes in glasses; basic studies of energy transfer between ions and molecules in amorphous media. 

Specific research topics related to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:

  • Theoretical and practical study of sophisticated glasses including luminescent solar concentrators
  • Spectroscopy and energy transfer of rare earths and transition metal elements
  • Nanotechnology of quantum dots and noble metal plasmon in glasses
  • Porous glasses doped by luminescent species, noble metal nanoparticles its.