Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN T12

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Manufacturer and model:

Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN T12 (ThermoFisher, former FEI)

General Information:

TEM Tecnai Spirit T12 allows full range of traditional TEM analysis (imaging and diffraction) with the resolution of about 0.34 nm. The microscope is equipped with the high sensitive 4K FEI Eagle CCD camera which being combined with mild accelerating voltage enables TEM analysis of beam-sensitive materials like polymers, organic compounds, materials with low electron density. With T12 one may analyze the morphology and the crystallography of metals, ceramics, semiconductors, multi-layers, composite materials and biomaterials at the nanometer scale range. 
The TEM T12 also operates in a Cryo-mode that allows to analyze vitrified aqueous dispersions and biological materials preserving their native state. 

Key Features:

TEM Tecnai Spirit T12 uses LaB6 electron source and allows imaging at 60 -120 kV with the resolution of 0.34 nm. It is equipped with the 4K FEI Eagle CCD camera. The CompuStage goniometer allows tilt range of +/- 70 deg. 
Vitrification of the samples for Cryo-TEM is done with Vitrobot Mark-IV (ThermoFisher, former FEI). Depending on the application the sample could be mounted in a single-tilt CompuStage holder ((ThermoFisher, former FEI) or GATAN single-tilt cryo-holder. 


Start of Operation Date:

December 2002