Metastable Slidetronic Switching in Bulk 1T-TaS2

Tue, 07/12/202112:15
Seminar Hall, Los Angeles Building, entrance floor

eran miner Dr. Eran Maniv

Department of Physics, Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel


The control of correlated materials by direct electronic stimulus enables coupling to nontrivial degrees of freedom. Specifically, the ultra-fast insulator-metal transition activated in 1T-TaS2 by various stimuli methods serves as a perfect platform to study the response of charge order to injection of confined oriented currents. In this study, we show in bulk 1T-TaS2 that the coupling of DC electrical pulses to various directions of the charge density wave results in nonvolatile metastable resistance states. By fabricating multiple pulse channels, we were able to effectively produce a resistance switch susceptible to the activated current direction. A crystallographic directional response in the form of charge density wave sliding motion throughout the insulating to metal transition is proposed and demonstrated theoretically. The ability to directly control the sliding motion of electronic degrees of freedom opens a path for novel studies in correlated layered materials together with new opportunities for modern technological devices.