Integrated Nanophotonic Technologies and Applications.

Sun, 30/10/202212:15
Seminar Hall, Los Angeles Building, entrance floor
Prof. Shaya Fainman

Shaya FainmanProf. Shaya Fainman

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California, San Diego


Various future system applications that involve photonic technology rely on our ability to integrate it on a chip to augment and/or interact with other signals (e.g., electrical, fluidic, chemical, biomedical, etc.).  To advance the nanophotonic technologies we established design, fabrication and testing tools at UCSD.  Our research work emphasizes the construction of passive (e.g., engineered composite linear and nonlinear metamaterials, filters, etc.) and active (e.g., modulators, nanolasers) components on-chip, with the same lithographic tools as electronics. In this talk, we discuss progress in passive and active integrated photonic devices, circuits and systems that recently have been demonstrated in our labs for various applications.