Protein Biomaterials

Sun, 04/12/202212:15
Seminar Hall, Los Angeles Building, entrance floor

UlyanaDr. Ulyana Shimanovich

Department of Materials and Interfaces, Faculty of Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Our research aims to exploit the power and potential of fundamental chemistry to unravel fundamental questions in macromolecular self-assembly with a focus on the understanding and development of novel soft materials.
The enthusiasm driving our research work focusses on the goal of a solid, quantitative understanding of the behaviour of specific biological macromolecules that are able to self-assemble into highly ordered polymers such as aggregation-prone proteins and peptides. The major contribution in this field has been the development and application of an ensemble of sophisticated methods
that combine chemistry, physics and nanotechnology in order to formulate the chemical parameters that define the interactions within complex biomolecular systems.