Nano Center Call for Proposals for Multi-Disciplinary Joint Research

1 nov 2022

Central themes in nanoscience and nanotechnology are multidisciplinarity and collaboration. The Hebrew University Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology as a center of scientific and technological excellence fosters top-notch cross-disciplinary research from different faculties and fields including chemistry, physics, engineering, life sciences, agriculture, pharmacy, and medicine.
In order to further promote joint multi-disciplinary research in the Nano Center we will fund cross-disciplinary research which is aimed to encourage and increase collaborations between members of our Nano Center coming from deferent institutes and fields of research. We invite proposal applications, from groups consisting of two Nanocenter members coming from different institutes (e.g. Chemistry and Physics), for joint research in fields related to all areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Funding will be given for one year and will consist of scholarships for 2 PhD students per research (one from each Nano Center member group), at the level of 100% for each approved research proposal. Few proposals (~3) will be funded. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  •  Every joint multi-disciplinary research submission must be a collaboration between two Nano Center members, from deferent fields and different institutes. (click here for Nano Center's members info)
  • The approved funding will cover 2 100% PhD scholarships, one for each of the two  Nano member submitting the research proposal.
  •  Each Nano Center member can submit only one proposal. 
  • Progress report to the Nano Center and donors will be required at the end of the year.

Required Documents for Submission:

  1.  Abstract for the submitted Joint research (up to 1 page)
  2.  Name of 2 PhD students who will work on the joint project and receive the scholarship (one from each lab)

- The PhD student cannot receive other financial support from the Nano Center.

  1.  PI and Students CV's including list of publications if applicable (for each student and 10 selected publications for each PI)
  2.  Commitment letter from each PI stating that: 

“The PI is committed provide the student with a matching of at least 100% for the one-year duration of the funded project”.

Application Process: 

The joint research applications should be sent by one of the PI's via e-mail to Eliya Yitzhakian: no later than November 10, 2022.