Research Areas

Focal Areas

We have defined and formulated four main cross-platform focal areas, which on one hand reflect the existing and evolving strength of our activities, and on the other hand offer significant promise for future scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs.
The four focal areas are:
A. Nanomaterials for industrial and medical applications.
B. Nano-optronics for sensing and communication applications
C. Nano Medicine for drug delivery.
D. Solar Energy enabled by Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology

The framework of the research map, including these focal directions, is presented in the above scheme
(i) Nanomaterials:
  • Development of novel semiconductor, metallic and magnetic nanocrystals and nanowires, graphene (Asscher, Banin, Etgar, Felner, Gazit D.,Magdassi, Paltiel, Ron, Sa'ar, Steinberg, Willner, Yerushalmi)
  • Integration of novel nanocrystals, biomolecules, and nerve cells with electrode structures (Banin, Lewis, Millo, Porath, Sa’ar, Spira, Willner, Yitzchaik).
  • Development, positioning and assembly of nanomaterials with nanometer precision in parallel manner (Banin, Mandler, Porath, Shenhar, Willner, Yitzchaik).
  • Sol-Gel based functional nanomaterials (Abu-Reziq, Avnir, Lev, Magdassi, Mandler, Reisfeld)
  • Nanostructures for solar energy harnessing (Asscher, Banin, Etgar, Magdassi, Millo, Mandler, Paltiel, Reisfeld, Sa’ar, Willner, Yerushalmi, Yitzchaik)
  • Electronic and Optoelectronic devices with organic/inorganic composites including solar cells, transistors, memory elements and light emission elements (Agranat, Asscher, Banin, Levy, Magdassi, Millo, Paltiel, Porath, Rapaport, Reisfeld, Sa’ar, Shoseyov Willner, Yitzchaik)
  • Nanoscale superconductors, magnets and quantum coherent effects (Bar-Gill, Felner, Katz, Millo, Paltiel)
  • Nanosystems for environmental schemes (Belkin, Mandler, Mishael, Reches, Paltiel, Shoseyov, Willner, Yerushalmi)
  • Nanocrystalline semiconductors, porous silicon and composite materials (Asscher, Millo, Sa'ar)
  • Nanosystems, nanomaterials and nanoparticles in catalysis and photocatalysis (Abu-Reziq, Asscher, Banin, Lev, Mandler, Sasson, Yerushalmi)
  • Polymer and block-copolymer nanotechnology (Banin, Cohn, G. Marom, Shenhar)
  • Nano-lubrication in geological systems (Aharonov)
  • Nano-scale mechanical properties of geological materials (Emmanuel)
  • Nano-scale mineral reactions (Aharonov, Emmanuel)
  • Investigation of chiral molecules and structures (Paltiel, Porath, Sharon, Willner)
  • Optical investigation of ultrafast dynamics of single molecules and nanostructures (Eisenberg, Strasser)
  • Sturcture and function of plant materials (Elbaum)
  • Nano-composites and engineering nano-structural materials (G.Marom, Shoseyov)

(ii) Nanoelectronics, Nanooptics, Nanophotonics:
  • Single nanocrystal electronic and optical devices such as light emission, charge sensing transistors, charge-based memory devices (Agranat, Banin, Bar-Gill, Levy, Millo, Paltiel, Porath, Rapaport, Ron, Shenhar, Shoseyov, Steinberg, Yerushalmi)
  • Qubits based on superconductor systems (Katz)
  • Quantum optics (Bar-Gill, Eisenberg, Rapaport, Retzker)
  • Photonic crystals and nanophotonic devices (Agranat, Levy, Sa’ar, Magdassi, D. Marom, Paltiel, Rapaport, Yitzchaik)
  • Methods of patterning surfaces for nanoelectronic applications (Lewis, Mandler, Porath, Shenhar, Shoseyov, Yerushalmi)
  • Semiconductor quantum structures for detectors, light emitting devices and lasers (Banin, Levy, D. Marom, Paltiel, Rapaport, Ron, Sa’ar)
  • Developing new concepts for nanolithography (Asscher, Lewis, Porath, Shenhar, Willner)
  • Single molecule based electronic devices (Baer, Porath, Shoseyov, Willner, Yitzchaik)
  • Nano-plasmonics concepts and devices (Asscher, Banin, Lewis, Levy, Paltiel, Rapaport, Sa’ar)
  • Dielectric properties of nanomaterials (Agranat, Feldman, Marcus)
  • Nano –diamonds and NV centers (Barenholz, Bar-Gill, Paltiel, Porath, Retzker, Ron)
  • Nanoinclusions in diamonds (Navon)

(iii) Nano-bio:
  • Biosensors based on various nanosystems and nanoparticles (Agranat, Banin, Belkin, Domb, Friedler, Golomb, Mandler, Nahmias, Porath, Rubinstein, Sa'ar, Vaknin, Willner, Yitzchaik)
  • Nanomedicine and drug delivery systems (Avnir, Benita, Benny, Barenholz, Chai Domb, Elbaum, Eyal, Feldman, Garti, Golomb, Hoffman, Magdassi, Rubinstein, Yavin, Shoseyov)
  • Sensors for water quality and other environmental aspects (Agranat, Belkin, Feldman, Lazarovici, Mandler, Sa'ar, Willner)
  • Studies and regulation at the single cell level (Balaban, Nahmias, Vaknin, Zaslaver)
  • Bio-molecular nanostructures, microtubules (Chai, Feldman, Harries, Raviv, Reches, Sherman, Shoseyov)
  • Integration of Neurons onto electronic and optoelectronic devices (Spira, Yitzchaik, Sa’ar, Zaslaver)
  • Tissue and bone engineering based on nano-scaffolds (Buxboim, Cohn, Gazit, Lazarovici, Nahmias, Shoseyov)
  • Monitoring HIV on the single molecule level and developing HIV inhibitors (Friedler, Porath)
  • DNA sequencing (Porath, Shoseyov, Willner, Yavin)
  • Anti-freeze proteins (AFPs) to limit ice nanocrystaline growth (Braslavsky, Feldman)
  • Molecular studies of protein interactions (Friedler)