3D and Functional Printing Center - Facilities

Access to the Center is available in three ways:
1. Individual print job without any prior knowledge of 3D printing – an initial meeting will be set to inform the user about the different methods, material selection and preparation of the print files (if necessary and possible, print files will be commissioned for simple models). Payment is for the raw materials plus an hourly fee for assistance.
2. Individual printing by sending a print file - contact will be made with the operator, giving an explanation of the specific job and sending a suitable file for printing (STL). Payment is for the raw materials (filament\powder\ink) consumed.
3. Printing multiple jobs – training to operate the printers to allow independent use of the Center's infrastructure, subject to committee approval. Payment is for the raw materials (filament\ powder\ink) consumed during training and for all print jobs.

Even after training on the printers, the use of any non-Center material for the printers must be approved prior to use. Materials research and methods using Center's equipment must be approved by the Academic Committee.

Aerosol Jet Printer

Digital Light Processing DLP

Fused Deposition Modeling FDM

Plasma Writer


PolyJet Multi Material Printer

Powder Print

Selective Laser Sintering SLS