Nanotechnology has become the revolutionary force for industrial and economic development in the 21st century. This revolution is already providing solutions for humanity’s main challenges through the development of new smart materials, alternative energy sources, novel drug delivery schemes, new medical and environmental technologies, and much more. The Hebrew University Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (HUCNN) is a center of scientific and technological excellence. Its first-class faculty members, high level research and publications, state-of-the-art infrastructure, collaborations with international academia and industry, and efficient commercialization have positioned the Center as a premier facility worldwide. The Center’s Units for NanoCharacterizaton and NanoFabrication provide hi-tech nanotechnological services and facilities to researchers from across the University’s faculties, other universities and industry.

Amongst its more than 86 members the HUCNN boasts 300 papers a year in high level leading scientific journals as well as numerous prize winners. Center members are recipients of the EMET Prize, Rothschild Prize, Prime Minister's Prize for Initiatives and Innovations, the Israel Chemical Society Award and many other prestigious honors. Members of The HUCNN are also members of the Israeli and international Academies of Science. 21 of the Center’s researchers have won 23 of the most prestigious funding awards of the European Community (ERC) for their innovative, cutting edge research projects receiving research grants totaling 24 million euros. Moreover, HUCNN is at the frontline of fighting Israel’s academic brain drain by recruiting almost half of its members from abroad, 11 of them now ERC award winners.